HER "Type" of History

"The History of Typing and its Connection to Working Women" now in the Gathering Room Gallery

This exhibit demonstrates the fascinating history that lies right in front of your fingertips. It starts out by exploring how the typewriter came into existence as well as how we got the modern keyboard and the @ sign. Additionally, this exhibit investigates how the typewriter was crucial in advancing women into the workforce via the office space. Lastly, the exhibit includes a gallery on the history and writings Gaston County’s beloved Zoe Brockman, who typed articles for the Gaston Gazette for over fifty years.

HER “Type” of History: The History of Typing and its Connection to Working Women will be open from July 29, 2022 through September 24, 2022.

Public opening will be held on Saturday, July 3o from 1pm-3pm.