Collecting in Crisis

Submit Your Story.

The Gaston County Museum takes pride in serving our community, presenting the public with research, artifacts, and programs that highlight the past and examine the present. In an effort to remain true to our mission, we invite you to take part in our new initiative, Collecting in Crisis, which we hope will engage our community as well as document the transformative, unprecedented intersection of the COVID-19 pandemic and civil rights crisis occurring today in our community and across America.

In looking for ways to document these unique moments in history, the museum calls upon the residents of Gaston County and neighboring communities to share your stories, thoughts, and experiences by submitting images, video, audio, journal entries, and more on our website. Our goal is to capture your feelings and experiences during this time in our nation’s history and to preserve them for future researchers and historians. Submissions will be considered for addition to the Museum’s Collecting in Crisis digital collection.